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It is our honor to be able to meet the unique needs of the wound and ostomy patient. We know how important the first few steps are in learning about wound & ostomy self care. We know that positive outcomes regarding fit, education, and resources can make an incredible difference in the patient’s ability to accept new lifestyle changes.

We are thankful & humbled when our patients and caregivers recognize and acknowledge the care our staff provides:

12 Responses to Testimonials

  1. “I needed help with my husband’s equipment, (The nurse) made suggestions and eliminated the problem. We were especially satisfied wither professional skills and delightful personality.”

  2. “The high level of knowledge and professionalism from my nurse and physical therapist …they both considered me as an individual and involved me in decisions concerning my care. I could not have wanted better or more thoughtful care”

  3. “We were not prepared for a diagnosis of rectal cancer. After chemo, radiation, surgery and researching ostomy care, we were anxious and exhausted. Then (our nurse) came into our lives. (She had) competence, excellent teaching ability, a high degree of professionalism and so much more. Her gentle patient style of teaching was just what we needed. (She) lifted our spirits when we were most vulnerable…we will always be grateful.”

  4. “Everyone I spoke with treated me in a friendly and professional manner. Staff members were very helpful and competent. Staff members were knowledgeable and flexible”

  5. “(My nurse) encouraged me continually and helped me realize that an ostomy is just another way to live a productive life.”

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