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It is our philosophy that wound and ostomy patients present a specific need requiring unique nursing expertise of Specialty Wound & Ostomy Nursing Incorporated. Our nurses possess extensive experience to provide the specialized care needed for positive rehabilitative outcomes.


The mission of Specialty Wound & Ostomy Nursing Incorporated is to provide our patients with direct intervention, education, and supportive counseling in a high-quality yet cost-effective manner, thus enhancing patient satisfaction, avoiding many complications, and facilitating timely discharge.

Services are offered through the continuum of care, including pre- and post-operative.

It is also the mission of Specialty Wound & Ostomy Nursing Incorporated to promote professional education through sharing our expertise with other healthcare team members through individual interaction and offerings such as in-services, project development, and workshops.


Provide primary education to patients and families
Provide emotional support and supportive counseling to patients and families for optimal adjustments to body-altering surgeries resulting in an abdominal stoma
Provide consultation to staff in developing a plan of care for ostomy and wound care patients to best meet their needs
Maintain the highest quality yet cost-effective care by recommending appropriate products and interventions
Maintain contact with referring physician and staff as needed through verbal and written communication
Provide staff education in the area of expertise as needed